A Problem in Bhutan

Outside of the few cities in Bhutan there is an education problem; villages high in the Himalayas can be reached only by days of trekking. The schools high in the mountains are unheated because fuel is scarce. It’s worse because there is no indigenous system to insulate buildings. Consequently, school is only held for the four months a year when it is (just barely) warm enough to use the buildings.

Looking for a Solution

So, the Chief Engineer of the School Planning & Building Division in the Department of School Education, Ministry of Education of Bhutan has come to the US to spend eleven days in Fairfield, Iowa to look for solutions to building sustainable schools in the mountains that can be kept warm for just two months longer each year. He had met Lonnie Gamble last year when Lonnie was invited to Bhutan to design one school. Lonnie is an assistant professor in the …continue reading